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Natasha G Jewellery consists of timeless fashion pieces honoured with the integrity of an honest ethos. Natasha G is crafted entirely with hands. The nature of the hands on the process ensures that no two pieces are identical. “Each metal piece is shaped and polished with hands for perfection before being woven into shape. The result is a statement piece which has the flair of true luxury- rich in depth, beauty and complexity,” Natasha Collins.
The diversity of Natasha G in all its collections is the complete individuality and freedom of styling- for any occasion. “I believe in a creative approach which is unbridled by limitations.”

We love what we do and we are passionate about creating pieces of jewellery that you will not only love but feel is apart of you. We are here to Custom make Jewellery- if your mind can conceive it, we can create it. We can use your gold from pieces that gathering dust at the bottom of your Jewellery box. We will source your stones for you from wherever around the globe you desire, whether semi precious, precious, or diamonds we will find them for you. As well as enriching your knowledge on Jewellery, design , gemstones and diamonds along the way . We won’t stop until you are satisfied.

We offer:

-Jewellery and Design Consultations
-Custom Made Jewellery
-Alter our range Jewellery to suit you
-Engagement Rings
-Wedding Bands
-Mens Jewellery
-Gift Jewellery
-Jewellery and Design Consultations

We are always here , ask away and lets get the process rolling !