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What is Exclusive Jewellery and how do you deign, craft , buy ultra luxurious and exclusive Jewellery without needing to spend a fortune?

Living in a technological society we are overloaded with information and visual stimulation at such a rate , most of which we cannot even process. This leaving little room for originality , in the design world and particularly in the Jewellery design world it is not often that one creates a piece of Jewellery that it truly original and exclusive. One can normally reference the jewellery piece back to something new or something ancient they have seen before.

In an overpopulated world how does one design, create and wear exclusive jewellery ?

I believe their are few key elements when shopping for and designing exclusive jewellery .

Spot whats trending and make an informed decision :

this does not mean gold is in so you wear barb wire. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Notice what stones are in , what the stones marked “rare” are ( there is always a fashion frenzy of rare stones – marketed “exclusive” stone). I generally advise to stay away as half the population would have latched onto the “rare” stone.

Look at how the stone is set, encased in precious metal, is it with claws or a band of precious metal ? What other stones are in the ring . What colour combinations of the stones and precious metals? What is finish like ? Is it slick, chick and highly polished , or is it subtle and understated ?

Be an observer :

What is it that you love ? What is that that is drawing your attention to a piece of Jewellery / fashion/ clothing/ design/ art ?

Is it the colours/ form / line / texture/ stone / movement…


Create a piece of Jewellery by focusing in the element/s that you love.

Look in the mirror:

What suits you ?

Earrings: do you have small are large lobes? Are your holes stretched ?

Necklaces: Do you have a long or short neck ? Where do you like your neckline on clothing to sit ?

Bracelet : Do you have small or large wrists ? Are they in proportion to your forearm and hands? (if not your bracelet can be designed to counterbalance)

Rings: Do you have long or short fingers ? Big or small hands? Do you have a lot or little space to fit rings between the base of finger and knuckles?

You will be amazed at what you create when you move your focus from creating an exclusive piece of Jewellery to focusing on what you love and what will work for you .

Creating timeless , effortless Custom considered exclusive Jewellery . Use Jewellery to enhance your look and appearance ,as apposed to being an attractive accessory.Bring yourself into the picture.




There is a lot of talk about Bespoke Jewellery but what exactly is Bespoke Jewellery?

The word bespoke is derived from the verb to bespeak, meaning to “speak for something”.  The adjective “bespoken” means “ordered, commissioned, arranged for”

British English tend to use the term “bespoke” hence Bespoke Jewellery, whereas American English tend to frequent the term “custom.”

Are Custom made Jewellery and Bespoke Jewellery are the same thing? Yes they are.

That leads to my next question what exactly is Custom Made Jewellery? My understanding of custom made and bespoke means “made specifically for.”

Custom made Jewellery is the term that Jewellers, Jewellery buyers, Jewellery wearers associate having Jewellery made specifically for you .

Bespoke Jewellery tends to be associated with avant garde, art jewellery, one of kind jewellery pieces, unique jewellery, contemporary jewellery,  not Jewellery that has been tailor made to fit your requirements.

Not that the terminology of whether its bespoke jewellery or custom jewellery or custom made jewellery really holds too much weight. It is important to be clear on what it is you are looking for and asking for to ensure that you will get what it is you want.

Click here to have a look at our bespoke and custom made  jewellery.

If you have any questions, we are always here contact us 



The Engagement ring is timeless.


Questions about the engagement ring never seem to age either.


How much “should” one spend on an engagement ring?


How big “should” the diamond be?


How many precious gemstones “should” be in the engagement ring? 


Should there only be Diamonds?


I believe that custom made Engagement rings are the only way to go.




Simply because Jewellery is personal! You either love it or you don’t. You are either all bling or not. Many people are indifferent to Jewellery. They most likely own Jewellery because its been passed down to them or given to them.


The problem is there is this preconceived idea of what Jewellery is and a lot of people tend to associate it with something quite formal, a little uptight and not all that fun and exciting or the other end of the spectrum being a gypsy.


Jewellery is not that way anymore its leaning more into the arts world and can be chic, elegant and contemporary.


The Engagement ring can be seen as an art piece as apposed to the number of carats.


The job of a skilled designer when custom making your engagement ring, or any other piece of Jewellery is to extract from your story. As there is often a story behind paintings and sculpture there is a story behind your Jewellery, especially your Engagement ring.


A Custom made Engagement ring should capture your personal story in a way that is unique and exquisite. It is something that is subtly obvious, like a tailored suit.


This is not something that you need to worry about getting across that’s the designers job .


The transition into the contemporary engagement ring is happening with a strong force. Contemporary meaning that there is a design process behind the Engagment ring, Jewellery piece being made . Its more than the value of the materials. The truly timeless Engagement ring holds the intrinsic value of something personal.



We advise our clients to start with loads of images, from the internet,  photographs and magazines. There after start to narrow down, what is a yes , a no, a maybe or not quite right. Then note what it is you like , is it the colour of the stone , the metal, the shape, the detail, size or form?  You will be surprised what you comes out with.


The image attached to this post is of a vintage inspired engagement ring that we have recently custom made. Our client came to us very clear about what she wanted. ” I want this ring.” I replied “Have you looked at any others ?” She replied “No, I’ve seen this and I want this.”  I respond “Great well you can see this a ring available online it will be easier for you just to order it but why not have a look , really look at rings you might be surprised but what you like .” She promptly responded “Yes I might as well just order the ring its easiest and its what i want.” Needless to say she went away and started looking at rings, Engagement rings , Jewellery and created a pinterest boards of all her favourite  ones. From that we designed and custom made this engagement ring .


Custom made Engagement rings should take time to design. After all you should be wearing it for a very long time.


Need some inspiration, have an idea or a question contact us

Its been a long time coming….

It has arrived, our new line of brass and exotic metal Jewellery range is here and its just in time for summer.

ORA meaning “now” in Italian, echo’s the presence and craftsmanship behind each piece that is created .

We have launched the range with three types of bangles . This however does not mean that the range is bangle bound ! Watch this space !

Each bangle is unique and the patterns and designs come as the piece is being made hence the name. Representing the core elements of creativity, making what works for right now and having fun whilst doing so.

We predominantly have 4 types of bangles :

The twisting bangle is crafted from 5mm thick cylindrical brass twisting bangle which twists open horizontally as opposed to the the classic bangle which opens vertically. Each bangle has a unique pattern that has been hand sawn / filed / drilled/ hammered, creating a variety of linear, curvilinear, simplistic an complex design detail. Think Grecians in Mexico who like to party in Africa !

The Classic bangle is crafted from 4 and 5mm cylindrical brass. Each bangle has its own unique pattern that has been sawn / filed / drilled/ hammered .The detail tends to be concentrated and focused towards the ends of the bangle and occasionally the centre too. Adding intense intrigue to each bangle.

The skinny bangle  is crafted from 3mm cylindrical brass.  Each bangle has its own unique pattern that has been sawn / filed / drilled/ hammered. The detail tends to be intense fine and divided into little blocks reminiscent to skin of a snake. And of course the skinny bangles are stackable, being that most of the bangles have intense detail they do look chic worn solo too.

The Knot bangle  we seriously think “knots”  in all their glory are taking over the fashion and Jewellery world. So we feel somewhat obliged to honour the Knot in our own unique way. The Knot bangle is crafted from 3mm cylindrical brass. Each bangle is knotted at the central focal point of the bangle. Some of our favourite knots to use are the square knot, overhand knot, eight knot (infinity sign!!).