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About ORA

ORA meaning “now” in Italian, echo’s the presence and craftsmanship behind each piece that is created .

We have launched the range with four types of bangles . This however does not mean that the range is bangle bound.

Each bangle is unique and the patterns and designs come as the piece is being made hence the name. Representing the core elements of creativity, making what works for right now and having fun whilst doing so.

We predominantly have 4 types of bangles :

The Twisting bangle 

is crafted from 5mm thick cylindrical brass twisting bangle which twists open horizontally as opposed to the the classic bangle which opens vertically. Each bangle has a unique pattern that has been hand sawn / filed / drilled/ hammered, creating a variety of linear, curvilinear, simplistic an complex design detail. Think Grecians in Mexico who like to party in Africa ! These bangles are particularily popular with men .

The Classic bangle 

is crafted from 4 and 5mm cylindrical brass. Each bangle has its own unique pattern .Hammer texutred or the detail tends to be concentrated and focused towards the ends of the bangle and occasionally the centre too.Adding intense intrigue to each bangle.

The skinny bangle 

is crafted from 3mm cylindrical brass. Each bangle has its own unique pattern. The detail tends to be intense fine and divided into little blocks reminiscent to the skin of a snake. And of course the skinny bangles are stackable, being that most of the bangles have intense detail they do look chic worn solo too.

The Knot bangle 

we seriously think “knots” in all their glory are taking over the fashion and Jewellery world. So we feel somewhat obliged to honour the Knot in our own unique way. The Knot bangle is crafted from 3mm cylindrical brass. Each bangle is knotted at the central focal point of the bangle. Some of our favourite knots to use are the square knot, overhand knot, eight knot (infinity sign!!).